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Selected Writings

British Drawings
1946, Collins

Chagall (with notes by the artist)
1948, Faber

Hogarth’s Drawings (with Bernard Denvir)
1948, Avalon Press

Tittivulus or the Verbiage Collector *
1953, Max Reinhardt
New edition: 1986, Brans Head Books

Golden Sections (essays)
1957, Methuen

The Testament of Daedalus *
1962, Methuen
New edition: 1991, Robin Clark ltd.

The Mazemaker *
1969, Longmans
New edition: 2015, University of Chicago Press

Berlioz: A Singular Obsession
1969, BBC Productions

Giovanni Pisano, Sculptor (with Henry Moore)
1969, Thames and Hudson

The Rudiments of Paradise (essays)
1971, Secker and Warburg

Fabrications *
1972 Secker and Warburg

The Midas Consequence *    
1974, Secker and Warburg

New Edition: 1978, Penguin

Archilochos (text by Ayrton with a suite of ten etchings.)
1977, Secker and Warburg (Published posthumously)

*Denotes Fiction


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